Cheryl Cockrell Estate Sales -
beautiful surroundings at our Louisiana plantation overseer's housecrocks, salt glaze stoneware, jugs, just a bit of the salt glaze pitcherswe have vintage sterling and silver plate
kitchen dry sinkmany cypress stools and shoe shine standsespecially nice shoe shine stand (notice the cast iron foot impression)
one of many prints--this is an early Winchester printHeywood Wakefield wicker rockerearly pie safe with punched tin front
close up of punch tinemany early chalk figures including Cupie, cats, dogs, and horses--(early carnival prizes) original paintingwe have several early mixing bowls and gorgeous early baskets of all sizes
large set of Noritake china--we also have Havilland chinaearly Scandinavian treenware antique baby chair
early children's toys--TONNAGE!19th century doll
19th century cast iron toysmany glorious baskets of all sizesearly stuffed animals and dolls dating to 19th century
19th century dog with original leather leashone of 3 antique blanket chests
we have early store display---tonnageearly shaving mirrorearly hand cared nativity set
one of three leather early trunksMORE Saltglaze pitchers  (we keep pulling out many more)Antique glass front bookcase from early law office  ---VERY NICE!every small antique small that you can imagine
19th century cypress benchfoot warmersglass front early store display for canes or umbrellasone of three original early hand carved duck decoys
original early hand painted duck decoybeautiful old prints--dozens19th century needle point with original wavy glassearly 19th century Swedish stenciled "Bride's Chest"--signed on bottom
bottom of early Swedish stenciled bride's chest---MY FAVORITE!early wooden ballot box19th century Santa chalk headlarge early Harlequin chalk clown
beautiful chest and ANOTHER large early Santasplit oak harvesting baskets---EARLYvintage baby buggy and ANOTHER Santa riding in the basket19th century rat trap
small very early spice cabinetthird original hand carved duck decoy
19th century hat shop frame store displaybeautiful Oak cabinet filled to the top with toysearly tea sets inside an early store display cabinetRed Goose shoes display WITH the shoes!
many silverplate and sterling vintage flatwarelarge set of 1940's Noritake china--plus Haviland china pictures next weekmore early Cypress handmade primitive items than you can imagine19th century outdoor collapsible chair with original (wonderful condition) leather straps
super nice vintage bamboo fishing rod with original caseearly vintage birdhousemany items featuring People of Color
early barometersenameled top early kitchen cabinet19th century Swedish Bridal Chestbottom of chest featuring brides name and city
many early advertising pieces!  Fun and interestingLalique perfume bottlesHaviland chinaSouthern Jelly Cabinet
Early Toulouse Lautrecearly Toulouse LautrecEARLY ship's light19th century medicine cabinet
many fine French linens including these chemises--plus linen napkins and tableclothsprimitive cabinet with original paintthis is just a tiny pit of our huge vintage Christmas collection
admiring our stoneware including this perfect Eagle & Shield stoneware pitcher1807 Sampler--"Age 7 1807--Clytie Bell is my name/ Ask me again and  I will say the same"many antique baskets including these two Chitimacha examples to the right 1910 Paris Garter Display case--Slogan
early large rockertons of early chalkware including this advertising sign holder and this Large Santa26" 19th century chalk ware girl and doll--fantastic condition
We are hosting an estate sale located in an 1815  Louisiana plantation overseer's house on a French Colonial style sugar cane  plantation.  The setting is drop dead beautiful but more amazingly the entire house and barn is filled to the very top with fine antiques. 

398 Vacherie Road---Franklin, LA  70538

Friday  Feb 5th--    10 AM--4 PM

Saturday Feb 6th--10 AM-'-1 PM

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