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Estate Sale Myths

Updated: Apr 20, 2023


I've heard the following comments about estate sales for the last 20 or so years that I've been involved with them and I am saying that each one is untrue. Give us a chance, sign up for email notifications, and come out and find out for yourself--

1. Estate Sales are filled with fancy "antique stuff" that I can't afford.

I've sold brand new appliances, cars, camping gear, up to date designer handbags, and jewelry all at bargain basement prices.

2. Estate Sales are just filled with old broken trash that no one wants .

Now you really have to come out and see that this isn't true. If you will always check out the "Upcoming Sales" page on this website you can see pictures of what's in the sale.

3. The lady in charge is hard headed and just won't lower her "high" prices.

We are motivated to sell everything in the house in three days. If you will ask, often we reduce the price. But I have been known to be a little "sassy".

4. Estate sale companies bring in a bunch of junk from other estates.

few times we do bring in items from other estates, but it is never junk.

5. Estate sales are just for old people and there is absolutely nothing that I would have.

This is absolutely false! Our sales are filled with young people in search for that cool vintage find for their homes.

6. It must be really depressing and creepy to buy things from folks who have passed away.

It's the happiest place that I've ever been. Everyone loves a bargain and it's a chance to see how someone lived. Sign up for email notifications and "see you at the next sale"--

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