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"Well, if it doesn't sell, then I'll just sell it on Ebay"!

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

I've held estate sales in the Lafayette area for over 15 years and when I tell the inheritors that their grandma's 500 piece Milk Glass collection isn't worth the money that Granny promised it was, I always hear these words--"Then I'll just sell it on Ebay!"

Now don't get me wrong, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Ebay and I've made lots of money for lots of folks using this tool, but it isn't the answer for every selling woe.

Here are just a few hints if you are thinking of using this internet auction site.--

1. Look at the item and think, How am I going to package and mail this sucker? I've sold an airplane propeller and a huge crystal chandelier and let me tell you, after I finished packaging these monstrosities and paying for the shipping, I almost broke even-- So if it is extremely heavy, fragile, long, or flammable, Ebay might not be your answer.

2. Always do an "Advanced Search" and see what the item actually sold for. Dozens of people have told me that their beloved silver plated candlesticks are listed for 300 dollars on Ebay. Well, as my old Daddy always said--"Asking ain't getting"--

Go to the "Advanced Search" setting on EBay and scroll down until you see "Sold Items" and click here and the items like yours will appear in green and you can see what they have recently actually sold for-- This might be very interesting to see.

3. Be aware of the current market and do know that collectibles and antiques that were extremely popular in the 1980's and 1990's are now a "buyer's market". Carnival glass, depression glass, crystal, tea cups, silver plate, figurines such as Hummel's, Precious Moments, Hallmark, and Lladro's will sell for very little or not at all on Ebay.

My next blog will discuss what sells well on Ebay and

remember that we are looking for you at the next sale---Cheryl

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