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Cheryl Cockrell, owner and operator of Cheryl Cockrell Estate Sales LLC of Lafayette LA, has over 18 years experience and is a true professional estate sale liquidator. A resident of Lafayette, Louisiana, Cheryl learned to sell at an early age from her father J P Jones. Growing up she never knew which car her family would be in that day because her father was constantly selling or trading the family vehicle. Learning the trade from her him, selling became a natural fit for Cheryl. Although, Cheryl herself is an expert in our local market, she often consults with her father to assist in identifying antiques and establishing fair yet profitable prices.

Cheryl has a Masters Plus 30 degree in teaching and taught high school seniors in Lafayette Parish for 35 years. Her extensive teaching experience has given her the patience and "nerves of steel" needed to conduct effective, successful estate sales getting the maximum amount for your items. Deciding to hold an estate sale can be a stressful time for you and your family. Plus, Cheryl can mediate fair and equitable distribution of estate contents among heirs and she can also appraise estate contents.

Cheryl was recently featured in the cover article for "Lafayette Life"-

Read her 6 "DO NOTS" of preparing for an estate sale-

1. Do not give into inertia---Set time goals to complete the monumental emotional task of disposing of this never ending wave of family belongings.

2. Do not give in to guilt. Your parents lived their life and you are not showing disrespect if you don't keep everything that your parents owned. If you absorb their home into yours, you will have clutter and no room for your own life. 

3. Do not move your inherited items into storage units. You will never recoup the money spent on storage--never ever.

4. Do not throw anything away from an estate before you call a professional. Many times a family "cleans up" before they call me in. I am left to look at some 1970's furniture and a few less than pristine bedroom sets. The good stuff--the vintage and rusty stuff-- has been put into a dumpster.

5. Do not proceed without correct information. Often times we are told that our grandmother's milk glass collection is worth thousands and it is not, but we sell for "pennies on the dollar" the musical instruments, the jewelry, the antiques, the silver--etc. And condition does matter!--That cracked sugar kettle which was patched with concrete and now rolls around on its side, is not worth the thousands of dollars your friend told you.

6. Finally and most important: Do not get into an argument with your family over things! There's nothing in this world worth that sort of heartache. Figure out some way to make peace when dividing the belongings of your parents--figure it out and make it work--you will be happier if you do.

Our business continues to grow with almost 5,000 area customers on our "early shopping" email list. Cheryl Cockrell Estate Sales can get the shoppers to your next estate sale. Call for a no obligation visit to decide if an estate sale is for you.

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