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Cheryl with her assistant, her dad, J P Jones
Cheryl Cockrell Estate Sales of Lafayette Louisiana specializes in Estate, Foreclosure and Downsizing Sales. With over 13 years experience in the Lafayette, LA  area, Cheryl will get the most for your estate. She is a trusted and highly respected estate sale operator and has a  huge customer base resulting in plenty of buyers eagerly awaiting her next moving, estate, or downsizing sale. Her love for the elderly, passion for selling, and expertise in antiques and collectibles make Cheryl Cockrell Estate Sales of Lafayette Louisiana the perfect choice for your estate or downsizing sale.   
We are waiting to serve you at the next estate sale.  Don't miss out!
Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Estate Sales
  • Foreclosure Sales
  • Downsizing or Moving  Sales
  • Storage Unit Sales
  • Selling Items on Ebay
  • Deal with collectors throughout US
  • Content Appraisals
  • Homes are left broom clean with all contents removed
  • Cleaning Service referrals
If your loved one has recently passed away or entered a nursing home and you need to clean out the contents of the house and sell the items, Cheryl Cockrell Estate Sales of Lafayette LA  will come to the rescue by providing gentle guidance and objective advice during what can often be a very difficult time. Cheryl's mediation techniques are also quite effective when several family members are involved.  If you are moving or divorcing and you want a fresh start in your life, Cheryl can assist in this area as well. 
Trying to sell the contents of an estate yourself can result in a huge monetary loss simply from not knowing the true value of its contents. Using Cheryl Cockrell Estate Sales will ensure that nothing of value is discarded and that you will get the most for  your items.
Cheryl Cockrell Estate Sales will clean, sort, stage, appraise, price, market and sell your entire home's content. If requested, we will empty the entire estate, including the house, garage and yard, leaving your estate broom clean.
My 9 year old grandson Jacob Cockrell is working to empty out an estate house.  He is learning the profession at an early age!-
Before your estate sale begins you need to do absolutely nothing! Cheryl asks that you and your family will leave everything just where it is. Don't clean, sort, or throw anything away. Merely remove any family heirlooms or photos that you would like to keep, and we'll take care of the rest. By letting us decide what to throw out and what to sell, you can rest assured that nothing of value will be discarded.
Cheryl offers a "no obligation" consultation and  will provide the contact information for many satisfied customers and shoppers.  We urge you to call us before listing your home and remember, the sooner you call, the more money we will be able to get for your estate.  
Patricia Foster and I are preparing for an estate sale in Lafayette LA. You literally never know what we will have to sellFor your "no obligation" consultation,
 Call Cheryl Today!
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Cheryl Cockrell Estate Sales: An Introduction
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